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Scrip Gift Cards

The gift cards known as Scrip have been a huge success for St. Mary’s.  Here’s how you can support your parish and school:

How Does Scrip Make Money?

St. Mary’s has an awesome fundraiser in selling gift cards, we earn a percentage from the retailers for every card that we sell!   St. Mary’s purchases gift cards from participating merchants at a discounted rate.  When you buy then at their full face value, the difference is the profit (or rebate).  Rebates are set by the merchant.  They range from 2% to 13%.  And the best part is that part of the rebate will go towards your child’s St. Mary’s School tuition!

View our policies and guidelines here.

Where to Buy Scrip ~ there are so many easy ways to purchase!

Scrip may be purchased from the Parish Office Monday through Friday.  You may also purchase Scrip in church on the weekends.  Scrip is available in the gathering space before and after the Saturday 5:10 p.m. and Sunday 10:00 a.m. Masses, or send an order to school with  your child.

You can also order on-line!

The newest, most innovative, effortless way to raise money for our school is to use your phone to buy digital cards from Benefit-Mobile using either a debit or credit card. The program works the same way as our physical gift cards, with a percentage of your rebate going to your child’s tuition.  Next time you’re shopping & you find yourself without scrip cards, give the Benefit-Mobile app a try!

To purchase Scrip with your phone:  Download the Benefit app for iPhone or Android. Sign up and follow the prompts.  Find St. Mary’s by typing St. Mary’s Grade School into the search field.  To learn more visit

Participating Businesses

We have Scrip gift cards and certificates in stock for 50 different local and regional stores.  To view the list of cards and their rebates, download one of our Scrip order forms.

We offer a large variety of cards including:  Elsie’s, Wired Rooster, Quillin’s, Kwik Trip, Woodman’s, Festival Foods, Menard’s, Culver’s, Wal-Mart, Target, JcPenney, and many, many more!
The order form and list of cards that we normally have on hand can be found here.

Scrip Order Form

If you would like to check availability, or place a large order, e-mail  We can also special order Scrip for many other national stores and other businesses.  To see a complete list of participating national merchants, visit the Great Lakes Scrip Center website,

Special orders need to be placed by Sunday morning to be filled by Thursday of the same week.

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