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Preschool Handbook

St. Mary’s School Preschool Program


Parent/Student Handbook


St. Mary’s Mission

It is St. Mary’s mission to prepare students as lifelong learners who will

grow in virtue and wisdom, to become valued and outstanding members

of their church, community and nation.


St. Mary’s Philosophy

St. Mary’s Catholic School is faith community dedicated to teaching as Jesus did.

Parents are the first teachers of their children. Through a positive flexible learning environment, educational staff working with parents, parish family and community will challenge students to reach their full potential as responsible citizens rooted in Catholic values.



St. Mary’s is licensed to have 20 children per session. Our current enrollment is 16 students in the 4/5 year old group and 5 students in the 3/4 year old group. St. Mary’s is licensed for children of pre-school age only. Children must be at least 33 months old to register at St. Mary’s pre-school.



St. Mary’s Pre-School will be operating only in the mornings. Our 4/5 year old group will meet Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8:00-11:00 am. Our 3/4 year old group will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:00-11:00 am. Our pre-school will follow the calendar set up for our K-8 students.


Child-Centered Pre-School

Boys and girls–aged 33 months to anytime before their first day of kindergarten– at St. Mary’s Pre-School will take part in varied activities designed to give them many opportunities to choose how they will learn. Activities will be set up so that children will learn as they take part in both individual and group play times. All learning at St. Mary’s Pre-School will be aimed at making stronger families and self-confident learners. Parents may view St. Mary’s Pre-School child care program plan by calling the office or teacher to set up an appointment for any weekday school is in session.


Keeping in Touch

If you feel the need to talk with your child’s teacher it would be best to call her before or after the child’s session at school as she is very busy during the time pre-school is in session. You may also call the school office and leave a message for the teacher to call you when the session is over. In an emergency you will be put in contact with the teacher immediately. Each family will also be receiving a school newsletter at the beginning of each month. Any important notes coming home from school will be secured in your child’s notebook. A daily note will come home with your child explaining the activities they participated in that day. The classroom teacher will contact parents if there is a concern. Parent /Teacher conferences are held twice a year to discuss the your child’s progress.


Parents Care for St. Mary’s

Our parents’ group, Parents Care for St. Mary’s, meets every other month. They have done many wonderful enriching things for our students and staff. Parents Care is always looking for new ideas and members. Whether you can attend monthly or occasionally you will always be welcome.


Parent Visits

Parents of enrolled children are always welcome at St. Mary’s Pre-School. If possible, please call the school to let us know you are coming as our days are very full of activities. Being able to plan for your visit would make it more meaningful for your child, the class, and for you.



If you would like a conference with the pre-school teacher, director, or any member of St. Mary’s staff at any time during the school year please call or write to arrange a time.


Health Care Summary and Immunization Record

St. Mary’s Pre-School, in accordance with Minnesota State Law, requires that each child have on file a health care summary filled out by a health care professional within 30 days of enrollment. If after 30 days your child does not have a valid health care summary on record you will be contacted to not send your child back to pre-school until that record is in place. An immunization record is required for each child before he/she can attend the first day of pre-school.


Pets at Preschool

At this time no pets are being kept at St. Mary’s Pre-School. We are awaiting the return of all health care forms as we are aware some people have allergies to pets. If, in the future, pets are to be kept at pre-school notes will go home and signed notification will be required of each family before the pets come to school.



Since St. Mary’s Pre-School is a morning only program we will not be serving meals and students will not be taking part in our school hot lunch program. Any snack served to our pre-school students will be commercially prepared and packaged. When snacks are offered students will never be required to eat.

Behavior Plan

Our aim at pre-school is to make sure students are involved in the most meaningful type of learning. In order to do this students must feel safe in their environment. Behaviors will be dealt with by redirecting and modeling appropriate behaviors. Any behavior that requires additional action will be dealt with by contacting the parent and setting up an individual behavior plan. Parents will be contacted before any behavior plan is implemented.



A separate written permission form must be obtained from a parent/legal guardian before a child can be involved in any research project such as observation, testing, interviewing children or public relations activity such as newspapers, radio, or television. This form would be kept in the child’s file.



In the event of an accident or illness while you child is at pre-school: the parent is called, if unable to reach the parent persons listed on emergency release form are called, the health care professional listed is called, the child is taken to the clinic, dentist, or hospital by the parent, person listed to be called on emergency form, or by the teacher. All staff members at St. Mary’s School are trained in first aid and CPR and will provide emergency care until professional health care arrives.


Contagious Illness

A “Health Alert” will be sent home the same day a communicable disease is reported to the school. Contact your school child’s teacher within 24 hours if your child is diagnosed with a communicable disease.


Dress Code

We wish to maintain an atmosphere of education which must be reflected in the conduct and appearance of the students. Tank tops, shirts with suggestive negative connotations, long chains and hats are not allowed. Pants and/or shirts that expose a bare midriff will not be allowed. The body torso should be covered at all times. Except for special, school sponsored activities, students will not be allowed to wear hats or bandannas in the building. Students may dress comfortably for the hot/humid weather. Shorts need to be a reasonable length and may be worn in September and May. Flip flop sandals are not appropriate footwear. Boots must be worn as long as there is snow on the ground not only for your child’s health and protection, but also for school maintenance. Please label clothing. Please check Lost & Found located in the Office.


St. Mary’s Pre-School


You are about to help start an exciting time in your child’s life: the experience of school. Our preschool’s function is to help children develop positive attitudes toward God, themselves, and others by stressing character growth and development. The primary goal for St. Mary’s pre-school program is to provide the framework for kindergarten and early elementary school learning through varied play and discovery activities.


Our pre-school curriculum includes sharing and conversation time, stories, songs, finger plays, creative art activities, and crafts; games and large muscle activities; science and nature activities; exposure to shapes, color, numbers to encourage pre-math skills with grouping, counting and sorting; letters to encourage early reading skills: access to computers in the classroom and celebration of birthdays and holidays. The children will also participate in circle time where we will discuss the days of the week, weather and other topics. More wonderful additions to your child’s early childhood education are enrichment sessions such as library, music, and physical education which are all led by certified teachers.


Through structures and independent play, we will work on skills such as:


  • Encouraging sharing and cooperation
  • Encouraging each child to work and play well independently and in groups
  • Encouraging problem solving independently
  • Encouraging independence in tending to personal needs
  • Encourage safety practice in and out of school
  • Increasing attention span
  • Recognizing the rights, feeling and property of others
  • Adapting to new situations




St. Mary’s School is excited about the preschool program.  The following is important information about St. Mary’s Preschool.


The 3/4 year old group will meet Tuesday morning from 8:00 – 11:00.


The 4/5 year old group will meet Monday and Wednesday from 8:00 – 11:00.


The preschool program follows the St. Mary’s School calendar. Four year olds will be allowed to ride the bus to school in the morning. Transportation home or to daycare’s for the three and four year olds can be provided by Houston County Public Transit for $2.00/ride.


St. Mary’s preschool students will have an opportunity to participate in many activities including:


  • whole school activities such as assemblies, Grandparent’s day, concerts
  • computers- the preschool currently has 6 computers right in the classroom with fun and exciting software to enhance learning
  • physical-largemuscle equipment in the gym and on the new playground
  • fine motor activities through creative manipulative and games
  • music-vocal and instrumental


Mrs. Karen Loging, Preschool Teacher



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