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Welcome to our little kindergarten corner!  Kindergarten is such an exciting year of school.  There are so many new friends to make, activities to do, skills to learn, and fun to be had.  Each day is filled with education and excitement.  Please keep reading to see all of the cool things that go on in Mrs. Schroeder’s kindergarten classroom!

St. Mary’s Kindergarten follows the school philosophy of “teaching as Jesus did, through a positive learning environment..”

Our program includes:

Religion:  Awareness of Church Seasons, Bible Stories, and Prayers:  Our Father, Glory Be, Law of Love, Table Prayers, & Sign of the Cross.  We use the God Loves Us curriculum by Loyola Press

Reading Readiness:  Letter names and sounds, Perceptual Skills/Listening Skills, Language Development, Library (one class per week with our Librarian, Mrs. Sheila Murphy), Harcourt Brace curriculum

Math:  Shapes/Patterns, Number Recognition, Counting, Problem Solving, Thinking Skills, Addition and Subtraction Readiness, McGraw Hill Math curriculum

Science & Health:  Plants & Animals, Five Senses, Dental Health, Safety & Weather

Social Studies:  Social and Group Skills, Seasons, World Culture, Historic Figures & USA Symbols

Art:  Experiences with a variety of media, Learn to glue and cut correctly, Art Appreciation

Music:  Finger plays, singing, and dancing, Music Appreciation, Daily musical activities in the classroom, Music Class (three classes per week with our music teacher, Mrs. Mary Breon)

Physical Education:  Large & small motor development, Learn the importance of teamwork, Activities daily in our room & outside, Phy Ed Class (three classes per week with our Physical Education teacher, Hannah Vandeberg-Smith)

Printing:  Child’s first and last name, Capital and lowercase letters, Numerals

Computer:  Reading Readiness (daily with our Computer teacher, Mrs. Peggy Burg)

Field Trips:  Field trips we have taken are to the Post Office, Dental Office, Beaver State Park, Channel 19 News, the Bank, and The Children’s Museum.  We have special visits throughout the year from bus drivers, firemen, and we always welcome parents to visit (especially when they can bring in baby lambs, puppies or a new brother or sister!)

Kindergarten is all-day, five days a week, with class beginning at 8:00 a.m.  Please be sure your child knows how to get to and from school if they are a walker, or to and from the bus stop.  If your child is ill or absent, please call the school office by 9:00 am.  If your child was ill the night before or the morning of school, please keep them home so they can rest and get better.

Homeroom Teacher

Mrs. Shar Schroeder

Classroom Assistant

Mrs. Sara Klug

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